Who We Are


How we came to be


Built by a small team, our first venture #Smallbusiness was created in 2016 as a college student learning opportunity operating out of a college dorm room. It showed great success, but we had a bigger vision for the future of the company. We wanted to make a platform that could be accessible by all students that wanted to make a difference with marketing. We very literally took to a black wall with chalk and a new idea. Black Wall Media was founded in March of 2018 to spark a digital marketing revolution. 

What makes us special?


The Social Generation

Founded by college students, Black Wall Media aims to work with developing & eager minds in order to continuously innovate our processes to create a unique and up-to-date product for your business. We love what we do, and it shows in our work. We ARE the social generation. Being social is our JOB. We will make your business Beyond Social.